About Us

Heh B’iyar specializes in the marketing, sales, and management of real estate, particularly high-end real estate in Israel and worldwide. The company has extensive experience in various projects, including luxury apartments and towers in Tel Aviv’s Old North and New North neighborhoods.

Co-owned by Mr. Oved Zangi and Mr. Gil Nissim, Heh B’iyar has 30+ years of experience in generating successful projects. Heh B’iyar has marketed thousands of residential units, towers, and luxury apartment in various multiple projects, and operates as a one-stop-shop for the entire process, according to the client’s needs and wishes, with the utmost discretion.

*Heh B’iyar Real Estate provides architectural services for high-end apartments, and interior design from Israel and Italy.

*Legal representation and consulting by the top law firms in Israel.

*Financial consulting and financing by leading Israeli banks and financiers.

The company has extensive business relations in the top echelons of the Israeli business sector, and a profound understanding of the local real estate sector.

Gil Nissin

Gil Nissim is a prominent figure in the real estate industry, with vast experience and
knowledge in the business sector. Nissim has extensive background in both Israel and
overseas, including a sprawling network of personal ties with the Jewish community in
Western Europe. Nissim was born and raised in the Kikar HaMedina area and has an in-
depth understanding of local needs and potential advantages.

Oved Zangi

Formerly the Deputy CEO at the Faire Fund of Zalman Shoval and Shlomo Grofman, Oved
Zangi has 30+ years of experience in real estate. Among others, Zangi has marketed
largescale, in-demand projects, including the sale of the most expensive penthouse in Israel,
estimated at ILS 80 million, the 96 HaYarkon Project. Zangi’s top clients also include the
famous Kardashian family. In addition, Zangi is an expert in marketing to Jewish communities worldwide and has working relationships with numerous countries, including
France, Russia, Germany, US, South Africa, and others.

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