Kikar HaMedina Towers, Tel-Aviv

After years of expectation, Tel Aviv’s Local Planning and Construction Committee has granted a Deep Foundation/Excavation Permit.

Ownership of the land is divided among an est. 250 private lot owners, some of whom bought the lots back in 1942, and Tel Aviv Municipality.

Additional Project Details

Three 40-story high-end towers with approximately 450 residential units, and a 10-story building for public purposes, will be established at the heart of the luxurious Kikar HaMedina, surrounding a public park and lake in the center. The project is managed by Waxman Govrin Geva, while Yaski Mor Sivan Architects are overseeing project planning and designed the towers as twirling around themselves, following the circular design of Kikar HaMedina itself as a modern interpretation of current building facades.

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